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Hello there and welcome to my website! I'm Nathaniel, living up here in the wilds of Lancashire, in the NorthWest of England. I'm hoping to go back to college in September 2011 to study webdesign and graphic design. I'd much rather make my living through writing! Take a look at my writing section for all of my fiction and fanfiction.

This site is mainly about me and my transition but it contains lots of UK specific FTM-spectrum Trans resources and some LGBT information for the North West of England as well. Don't know what Trans means or how to be a good ally? Then thoroughly read my Trans 101 section. If you're not interested in any of that and just came here for porn, then go here!

The navigation at the top will take you to all the main parts of this site but there's a sitemap in case you get lost. I hope you find it interesting and informative.

It's regularly updated so come back again soon! You can find out about all the most recent updates below.


 FYI - The site is currently undergoing a mass update and overhaul, including redoing the navigation. There may be some broken links or images until it's all sorted. If you do find anything that's not working, please let me know.

 14 July 2011 - Prettified the index page. Updated updates.

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