Little Nathaniel

Pictures up to the age of 11. Click any picture to see it larger.

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Newborn Age 1 Age 18 months
Just a few days after being born. I'm not sure why I'm dressed in blue though.
Age 12 months
I have no idea why I'm clutching onto a bottle of whiskey or why I look like I've been drinking it!
Age 18 months
Standing with my hands in my pockets, copying my Grandad.
Age 2 Age 2 and a half Age 3
Age 2
I look like such a little boy here!
Age 2 and a half
I loved the red shoes I'm wearing here. Note the way I'm sat. I still sit like this now, but not while wearing a dress.
Age 3
I got the black eye by jumping off a swing.
Age 4 Age 4 Age 5
Age 4
My jeans have little racing cars embroidered on the pockets and I'm wearing my favourite snake belt. I got a nurse's playkit for Christmas this year.
Age 4
My cousin got a builder's hardhats for his present, we loved them!
Age 5
I was very pleased to get this cowboy outfit for Christmas!
Age 6 Age 7 Age 7
Age 6
With my sister, cousins and a family friend. I'm sat in a very dominant way on the swing here!
Age 7
Taken by a school photographer.
Age 7
At Lytham with my grandparents, stepfather and sister.
Age 8 Age 9 Age 9
Age 8
In my Brownie Guide uniform outside church on Parade Sunday.
Age 9
My sister is wearing the cowboy outfit I got for Christmas when I was 5. I got the indian outfit for a Brownie gathering.
Age 9
My sister and I got boyish haircuts. I'm doing my big brother pose.
Age 10 Age 10 Age 11
Age 10
Wearing my favourite outfit at Westfalen Park with my sister.
Age 10
Giving my sister a brotherly helping hand up the steep climb.
Age 11
On the go-karts at Westfalen Park. I have my hair tucked up in a baseball cap.
  Age 11  
  Age 11
My first year high school photo. I still have that same cheeky grin.