Growing Up

From age 18 onwards. Click any picture to see it larger.

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Dreamy Looking serious Karate kid
1991, taken by my sister with my new SLR camera.
Looking Serious
Taken shortly after my return from the US in 1993.
Karate Kid
Showing off my brand new purple belt in 1993.
Blue Midget and me Pantomime New Year's Eve
Blue Midget and Me
My beloved VW Beetle, Blue Midget, at Lytham St Annes in 1998.
My publicity photo for a pantomime in 1998.
New Year's Eve 1998
Just before going to a party on New Year's Eve 1998.
Wedding Columbia Freddie and me
Wedding Photos
Me and my sister posing at my youngest cousin's wedding in 1999.
Dressing up as Columbia for a viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 2000.
My beloved chinchilla, Freddie, in 2001.