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Trans Links

Useful Trans Links

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Organisations & Support Groups

General Trans:

The Beaumont Society

Belfast Butterfly Club

FTM International

Gender Matters - Based in the West Midlands

The Gender Trust

Gendys Network

Inner Enigma - Based in Manchester

Mermaids - Trans Youth

Northern Concord - Based in Manchester

Trans Health

FTMs Specific:

FTM London

FTM Network

FTM-UK Yahoo! Group

The Lancashire Lads FTM Social Group

MORF - Manchester Organisation for Radical Free-Males

MTFs Specific:

Looking Glass Society

Transliving International

Transsexual Women's Resources - Mainly medical, mainly USA based

Crossdressers/Transvestites specific:

Beaumont Trust

Transliving International

Also see my LGBT resources page for local groups: Renaissance, Project 102, Regen, and Southport TV/TS Group.

SOFFAs specific:


Gender Identity Research and Education Society - has information available for the families of trans-people and for trans-parents

Women of the Beaumont Society


The British Association of Sexual and Relationship Therapists

Psychiatrists, Gender Clinics, Endocrinologists, Surgeons

See my Trans Resources page



Morris Designs




DJ Knows Dick


Mango Products

The Transitional Male

Let's Play Sport - Athletic Support for packing in

STP Devices

DJ Knows Dick's PPP

Mango Pack and Pee




The Whiz

Other Information

Crissy Wild - Trans Online Library

Dictionary of Queer Slang and Culture

Equal Opportunities Commission

FTM Safe Sex

The Pink Paper

Press For Change - Trans Activist Organisation and Charity

Remembering Our Dead

Trans 101

Transgender Zone

T-Vox - Trans Information wiki

Tips, Hints and How To's

Changing Your Name (UK):

How to Change Your Name

Example Deed Poll

Example Statutory Declaration

How to Change Your Documents



Michael's page

Standing to pee:

Standing to pee


How to shave correctly

Eight tips for a good shave