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Testosterone Diary

Testosterone Diary

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February 16, 2005: Pre-T Changes

I'm not even on T yet, but I've noticed some changes over the past couple of months so I'm just really making a note of them for my own records.

  • I think my jawline's coming back! Very odd. This could just be a losing weight thing, but it's nice all the same.
  • Apart from the lump in my throat and little wibble I had before Christmas, my voice doesn't appear to have done anything else since.
  • I've always been a little bit on the hairy side, but I can still see a difference. My happy trail is definitely getting more pronounced for one thing. I have no idea what is happening with my legs though, the hair seems to be all on the front and inside of my calf and there's hardly any on the outside! Facial hair-wise, I'm shaving on a weekly basis, though I can see it coming back in after about three days or so.
  • For the past couple of months, I've just been hungry all the time! I wake up hungry, I'm in desperate need of my lunch by half 11, I could do with a snack at 3, stuff myself with my tea at 6 and need more food by half 9. I'm not doing anything much exercise wise but I'm not putting on any weight as far as I can tell so I must be burning it off without it.
  • The main thing at the moment seems to be a sudden decrease in my monthly hell. Quite a marked difference too. It used to be severely heavy - I'm talking going to the bathroom every hour heavy - but now it's really lessened. It doesn't last anywhere near as long either which is unreal. I hope this keeps up, it's a vast improvement although obviously getting rid of it altogether would be ideal.

April 28, 2005: Pre-T Changes #2 - Click here for a photo

I was just in the bathroom and I noticed a sudden development. I was pulling up my underwear when I noticed that there was hair on the inside of my thighs, close towards my groin. There's quite a bit, enough to be noticeable anyway and it never used to be there! My chin has been severely itchy today as well and when I checked in the mirror, the regrowth is quite strong already. I have very definite hairs on my upper lip. I've only been shaving once a week, usually on a Sunday straight after my shower and it would last more or less till late Friday. It looks like I might have to start shaving twice a week now.

For the past month or so I've had a serious spot problem just under my chin as well, which I don't think the shaving has helped. I had an acne problem for a long time, till well into my mid-twenties but it's not been as bad as this for years! I've tended to get the occasional couple of spots usually around the time of the monthly hell but it clears up in a week. This just doesn't appear to be shifting. I had to go to the chemist the other day to see if I could get something for it because my usual witch hazel face wash didn't seem to be having any effect. It was quite amusing, I said to the pharmacist that I thought shaving could be making the spots worse and she didn't bat an eyelid, just suggested that it could be razor burn. I don't think it is, it looks very much like acne to me. Still at least I passed!

It's all a bit bizarre really, my voice stopped doing anything a while ago so I didn't think I was going to have any more pre-T changes. Looks like I might have been wrong!