My Transition

A visual record of my transition. Click any picture to see it larger.

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January 2004 February 2004 October 2004
January 2004
Just a few days after coming out to myself as Trans, I had my long hair cut short and felt much better for that small step.
February 2004
The day this was taken, I got my first androgynous haircut, a man's jacket and a binder. The boy was on his way!
May 2004
Starting to feel more comfortable expressing myself.
December 2004 January 2005 May 2005
December 2004
Such a change from the start of the year!
January 2005
Starting off a new year with a new haircut, this time from a barber.
May 2005
My shortest haircut ever but it seems to work.
June 2005 September 2005 December 2005
June 2005
Showing off my personalised Transboy cap.
September 2005
One of the best pictures of me for a long time!
December 2005
The last photo of me before starting testosterone.
February 2006 July 2006 September 2006
February 2006
Taken after nine weeks on testosterone.
July 2006
Seven months on testosterone.
September 2006
In Boston, nine months on testosterone.
December 2006 April 2007 November 2007
December 2006
One year on testosterone. I was trying to be symbolic and copy the pose in the first photo!
April 2007
In Boston again, 1¼ years on testosterone.
November 2007
Playing baseball in Boston. Nearly two years on testosterone.
January 2008 June 2009
January 2008
At a Trans conference in Ireland. Two years on testosterone.
June 2009
In a Manchester hotel room. 3½ years on testosterone.