Enter The Realm of the Pendragon


Genre: Drama
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,622
Author's Notes: Written for NaNoWriMo 2005
Claire is a lowly administration assistant in a local government office where she keeps very much to herself.
Dante is a young perky gay blond who does something important in marketing but seems to spend most of his time hanging out in a coffee shop with a select group of friends.
They live entirely seperate lives until one day; Dante disappears and only Claire knows where he is. She soon realises that he owes his life to her in more than one way. The question is, which one of them will survive?

Chapter Five

"How were things are work today, Esmé?" Shelley queried, taking her cup of tea over to the sofa where Esmé was shrugging off her jacket.

Esmé smiled. "Actually, it went very well. My friend had mentioned my idea to his boss like he said he would - and he gave me every credit for it too. Apparently his boss thought it was such a good idea, that he actually contacted Brian about it first thing this morning. So Brian was a bit baffled, because he couldn't understand how Stuart had managed to get him involved. He asked Stuart how this had come about and of course, he couldn't answer and just got himself in deeper and deeper. It was highly amusing for me to watch."

"I bet it was!"

"In the end, I said that I was the one who had passed the information on, and Brian said something about because I thought it was such a good idea. I just looked at Stuart, he was getting redder and redder by this point so he just blurted out that actually it was my idea in the first place. Brian was rather shocked. Stuart looked like he wanted to crawl under the desk and hide."

Esmé leaned back on the sofa, looking thoughtful. "You know, I'm not a bad person, I don't tend to take delight in the destruction or hurt of others but today, I did. I was glad that Stuart got his comeuppance, I really was." She turned to Shelley with an anxious expression on her face. "Does that make me a bad person?"

"Of course not," Shelley soothed. "He did a bad thing and quite frankly he deserved it. What did Brian do when he found out that Stuart had tried to pass your idea off as his own?"

"He was quite disappointed I think, and a bit angry. I don't think Stuart is going to get a glowing report from our department. He was sullen and uncommunicative for some time afterwards which didn't really help his case much either. I have a feeling that Brian is not going to want to keep him on, I'll be surprised if he lasts out the week."

Shelley nodded. "He brought it on himself you know, there's really no reason for you to feel guilty at all."

"I know," Esmé sighed. "He deserved it and with any luck he won't try pulling that stunt again. It doesn't mean I have to feel good about it though."

Shelley took pity on her friend, she really seemed to have taken the whole thing to heart. Placing her teacup down on the table, she shifted closer to Esmé and offered her a hug. Esmé took it gratefully, thinking of how that was two hugs in two days that she'd needed. It was a new experience for her. She always thought of herself as being so strong and although she was as happy as the next person to be hugged, she had never needed them quite as much as she did now. The whole incident had seemed to knock her confidence slightly. Shelley was willing to hold Esmé for as long as she required, but the other girl soon pulled back and smiled at her, saying that she was okay now. It was strange, Esmé thought later, how she had not got the same sort of strength from Shelley as she did from Dante the day before. Maybe it was because of the difference between the two personalities: Shelley was quietly soothing while Dante was more confident and demonstrative. Perhaps it was down to something as simple as the gender of the two individuals. Whatever it was, Esmé found herself wishing that it had been Dante that had been there to offer the hug that night.

The young man in question came into the Shop just then. Shelley looked round as she heard the door close and the bell above it ring.

"Hi Dante." Esmé also greeted him cheerfully and he responded in kind.

"Cup of coffee please, Miles?" Dante stopped off at the counter to ask for his usual beverage and Miles nodded.

"Thanks." Dante went over to the sofa where the two girls were sitting. "No Gregor tonight?"

"Nope." Shelley shook her head. "I don't know what's happened to Maria either, I've not seen her here for a couple of days now." She looked to her two friends for any information they might have on their friend's whereabouts but Esmé frowned and Dante just shrugged.

"I've not seen her for ages," Dante admitted, pulling off his suit jacket and hanging it over the arm of the comfy chair. He plonked himself in it gratefully and sighed contentedly. "So, Esmé, how was work?"

"It was fine," she replied with a smile. "It's all been sorted out and I'm much happier now. Well, not completely happy, I won't be that until we've got rid of Stuart. I was saying to Shelley earlier that I don't think he'll last much longer, Brian is quite disappointed that his wonderboy didn't turn out to be quite the wonder he imagined."

"Well, I'm glad it's all sorted out and that you're feeling better about things."

"How's your new temping person?" Shelley asked Dante with a grin. "Still as perfect as she was yesterday?"

Dante rolled his eyes. "Oh, what a difference a day makes!"

Miles came over with his mug of black coffee. Dante accepted it gratefully and asked Shelley to pass him the sugar.

"Not so good anymore, I take it?" Esmé asked.

Dante ripped open a packet of sugar and tipped it into his coffee, followed by a second and stirred it rapidly.

He shook his head with a sigh. "It was just embarrassing, more than anything. She was in already when I arrived which I took as a good sign. I didn't actually have any meetings today which was a blessing, so I could actually get some work done. I knew there were lots of letters that needed my attention, so I went back out to her desk to ask if she knew where they were." Dante's private office was situated off a corridor with a smaller ante-office in front of it where his personal assistant sat to field all callers and be able to greet any visitors as and when required. "She handed me over a file with them all in, I was really impressed. Marla tends to either lose them, spill coffee over them or hand them to me two weeks after I wanted them. This girl is so organised, it's brilliant. So there I was working away, going over these letters and after a while, she taps on my door, sticks her head round and says she's going to brew up and did I want a drink?"

"Marla never used to ask me that. Then again, she could never remember how I liked my coffee anyway, so even if she did ask, I had a tendency to say no. I don't know how many times I need to emphasise that I don't have anything in my coffee other than sugar!"

Miles ruffled Dante's hair as he walked past. "There are some of us who know exactly how you like your coffee," he said airily, continuing over to the counter.

Dante grinned. "I expect you to, you've known me long enough and you work in a coffee shop for crying out loud! It's your job!"

"So does your new temp - I've forgotten her name - does she know how to make your coffee?" Esmé asked.

"It's Rebecca. And yes, actually, she makes a very good cup of coffee. She made me several throughout the day, probably more than I would have normally had." He looked down at the mug he held. "I probably shouldn't be having this one, I'll never sleep tonight. Anyway, Rebecca brings me in this first cup of coffee and I'm on the phone so she just puts it on my desk. I'm not really paying a great deal of attention. I end up being rather busy and eating my lunch at my desk and I don't really see Rebecca again till afterwards, when I go out and drop the file of letters on her desk. That's not the only thing that drops though, I think my jaw about hit the floor."

The girls looked at each other and then back at Dante. "What, what?" they asked eagerly.

Dante drained his mug and placed it on the table in front of him. "She was doing some filing and the cabinet she was at was more or less directly in front of me. She'd opened the drawer second from the bottom and was leant over it in such a way that... "

"What?" Shelley cried, "Did you get a good look at her arse or something?"

Dante swallowed hard. "Rather," he replied. "She had on the shortest skirt imaginable, I could see practically all the way up it. When I tried to draw her attention to the fact that I was there and what I could see, she just grinned at me. I had to inform her of the dress code and that her attire wasn't really that suitable, or at least not the bottom... I mean, lower half. I swear she pouted at me, said that it was a shame because it was such a nice skirt and she thought she looked good in it."

"Aw, has Dante's new secretary got a bit of a crush on him?" Shelley giggled.

"It certainly seems like it," Esmé replied.

"Personal assistant," Dante corrected firmly. "And yes, I think she has." He sighed. "I really did not want to have the 'I'm the boss, you're my employee' conversation with her at all, never mind on her second day at work. It was a bit annoying because I thought she was different, I thought she was good. Now I find out she's flirting with me like half the female staff there. It's ridiculous."

Shelley patted his knee. "I'm sorry," she sympathised.

"What do I have to do? I mean, I would have thought it was obvious. I'm a young man who is always well-dressed, has great hair, fabulous taste in clothes. Why on earth do they think I'm straight?"

The girls exchanged bemused glances with each other. Neither of them had ever thought Dante was anything other than gay; although he wasn't camp, it was very obvious which way his tastes lay and he certainly made no secret of it. "Maybe it's a sort of challenge type of thing," Shelley suggested finally.

"How do you mean?" Dante was curious.

"Well, as far as I'm aware - and you can correct me if I'm wrong which I have no doubt you will - gay blokes see straight blokes as a kind of challenge. I know it's really a joke, but there's that whole thing about if you turn a certain amount of straight blokes gay you get awarded with a toaster oven or something as a reward. Maybe it works the same way with straight girls and gay blokes. Except without the reward."

"Hmm, interesting." He pondered this concept briefly.

"Or maybe they're not actually interested in you in a sexual relationship kind of way at all. They might just want to be friends, have you ever considered that?" Esmé pointed out.

He glared at her, not impressed with the thought that she was trying to say he couldn't tell the difference between girls wanting to be friendly and those who were actually hitting on him. It might not have been an area he had an awful lot of experience in with regards to girls, but he knew what it was like when someone was making advances towards him. "Considering several of them have come straight out and said to me 'oh, if you weren't into blokes, I'd go out with you in a heartbeat', I'm not overly sure that's the case. There was one, I can't remember her name now, and she said that she knew I was gay but could we go off and have sex anyway because I was just so cute and adorable and hard to resist. Like, wanting to have sex with girls is something I can turn on and off at will and I just choose to have it switched off all the time."

"Maybe you're just irresistible to girls and it's a cross you're going to have to bear," Shelley suggested. "I know lots of blokes that find lesbians attractive but I'm not overly sure that's the same thing really."

"I'm quite sure it isn't somehow. I think that goes back to the challenge thing you mentioned before." Miles joined in the conversation, perching on the arm of the chair Dante was sitting in.

"It would be nice for once that there was a wickedly cute boy at work that I could have fun and flirt with, even if we didn't do anything other than that. It gets so boring and I get fed up having to fight girls off all the time."

"But you come here and flirt with us regularly," Esmé said pointedly.

"That's different!" Dante declared. "You know I don't mean it, you know I'm just messing and having fun. If there was any chance that you actually thought I was being serious then I wouldn't do it. And, in a rather strange way, you're my friends so I do it because I like you."

Esmé nodded. That made sense to her, after all she had occasionally flirted with people for the sole purpose of having fun. It didn't mean she was actually interested or that there was anything significant in it. It was just flirting.

"I know!" Shelley announced suddenly. "I know what you need!"

"What?" The others were all eager to hear Shelley's solution, especially Dante.

"A boyfriend."

Dante stared at her aghast for a few seconds before laughing at the sheer nonsensical idea. "If only it was that easy," he replied.

"No, I mean, make them think you have a boyfriend. Maybe the girls think you're just trying to put them off or something. That you're not really gay, you're just using it as an excuse, a reason why you don't want to go out with them. Some lads do that, they say they're gay even when they're not, as a way of letting you down gently."

"Others do it as a way of getting girls attracted to them too, don't forget." Esmé knew of one young man who had tried this trick on her and she made him soon regret it.

Shelley conceeded that it was a good point. "But Dante's not doing that, he really is gay. So if you have a photo of a bloke on your desk for example, or something like that."

He wrinkled his nose. "A pretend boyfriend? It seems a bit pathetic somehow. I'd probably forget and trip myself up or something."

Miles agreed. "It's a good idea, Shelley. If this was like a book or a film or something, that's probably what would happen. But this is real life."

He heard a sigh from the young man seated in the chair and leant forward to give him a hug which Dante accepted willingly. "I'm not really that cut up about it," he admitted. "It just annoys me sometimes."

"I know," Miles said simply. Dante snuggled up further, almost pulling Miles on top of him. "Hang on a second, you're killing my back here." He stood up and stretched, while Dante got out of the chair. Pushing at Miles, he made the other man sit in his place and then he clambered onto on his lap and sat there quite happily. Miles laughed, wrapping his arms round the slim blond who curled up in his embrace.

"Aw, so sweet." Shelley smiled at the two of them.

"I know, sickening, isn't it?" Miles grinned, before grimacing when Dante thumped him on the arm.

"No, it's not. I think you two look good together."

Miles looked down at the young man in his lap, mentally comparing the differences between them. He was at least ten years older, several pounds heaver and a couple of inches taller. Dante was small, slight and extremely fair with light blond hair, pale skin and large blue eyes while he had jet black hair and soft brown eyes. He could see how the contrast between dark and fair could be an appealing image.

Dante looked back up at him and gave a shy smile. He always enjoyed being hugged anyway, but there was something special about the way Miles held him. It made him feel warm and safe, as though he was something precious that Miles wanted to protect. Without thinking about it, he reached up to slide his arm round the back of Miles' neck and pulled his head down so that he could place a firm kiss on Miles' lips. He heard the stifled gasp in the older man's throat which seemed to turn into a sigh as he kissed Dante back.

They broke apart slowly, Miles had an expression of surprise mingled with pleasure on his face, while Dante was grinning and looking slightly smug. The girls watched them in amusement as they were both aware of the history between these two men and that they'd been on-again off-again for as long as either of the girls had known them.

Miles stared down at Dante for a few beats before pulling him close and kissing him soundly. Dante responded eagerly, wrapping his arms around Miles' neck and closing his eyes. They seemed completely oblivious to where they were, the Shop may as well have disappeared as far as they were concerned so wrapped up in each other were they. As the kiss ended, they only had eyes for each other and had forgotten that there was anyone else around. Dante reached up, brushing his thumb slowly over Miles' lips and was about to lean in to kiss him once more when Esmé cleared her throat, startling him and making him jump slightly.

She dug Shelley slightly in her ribs under cover of checking the time on her watch in a very obvious manner. "You know, I think I should be getting off, I really could do with an early night for once."

Dante glanced over, meeting Esmé's eyes and gave her a knowing grin. She smiled back at him, assuming an innocent air that didn't fool the young man in the slightest. "Are you staying, Shelley, or are you needing an early night too?" he queried casually.

"Actually, there's something I want to watch on tv in about ten minutes," she replied," so I'll be heading off too."

"You don't have to leave on our account," he replied but Miles cut him off.

"I'm not so desperate for custom that you have to make people stay against their will, you know." They all looked round the Shop, deserted apart from themselves gathered round the red leather sofa and matching comfy armchair that was placed next to it at a right angle before turning back to Miles. He shrugged. "So it's a quiet night, it happens."

Esmé stood up and picked up her jacket from off the back of the sofa. She slipped it on, pulling her long brown hair from under the collar with one hand and smoothing it down with the other. "Right, I will see you all tomorrow?" She looked at them each in turn and they all nodded. "Okay, night night then."

"Bye, Esmé!" They all responded and with a small wave, she left the Shop.

Shelley sighed. "I don't want to go but I really want to watch this programme." She gazed over at Dante and Miles and that seemed to help her make her mind up. "And I think you two really could do with some privacy." She grinned as she stood up, ruffling the young blond's hair despite his cry of protest. "Night night, don't be too bad, okay?"

Dante stuck his tongue out at her. "Night, Shell."

Once she had left as well, Miles turned to the young man snuggled up in his arms. "You know, I think I could do with an early night too. Fancy joining me?" The younger man had the grace to blush but nodded eagerly. Miles smiled widely before gathering him up in his arms and starting to kiss him deeply.

Dante responded enthusiastically to Miles' firm kisses, but then shifted and peered up at him coyly from underneath his eyelashes. "How about we take this somewhere a little more private?" he suggested softly, playing with a curl of hair at the back of Miles' neck.

"You mean, you don't want me to bend you over the coffee table and take you that way right here and now?" Miles suggested with a grin.

Dante contemplated the nearby table complete with empty mugs, plates and residue left from the occasional spill. "As delightful as that sounds, I feel in the need for some comfort today. Besides," he gave Miles a cheeky grin at this point," the handcuffs are upstairs and I don't want to have to run all the way up there only to have to come back down here again."

Miles smiled slowly as a mental image of Dante sprawled naked on his bed and cuffed firmly to the headboard worked its way into his mind. The blond wriggled slowly on his lap, noticing what effect the mere mention of the handcuffs had had on him.

"Oh, Dante, you are such a naughty boy, thinking that you could tease me like that and get away with it." He slipped one arm under the younger man's legs, gathering him up into his arms and heaving himself out of the chair and to his feet. Dante giggled and held on tightly. He loudly protested his innocence as he was carried over to the counter and up the stairs next to it that led to the flat above the Shop where Miles lived.

The stairs opened out onto the living room, the bedroom was beyond it with the bathroom en suite. Miles hurried through to the bedroom, thankful that the man in his arms was so slender although he wasn't exactly a light weight. As he approached the bed, he hefted Dante up before tossing him face down upon it. The young man let out a brief squeal which turned into a cry of shock mixed with a small amount of pain as Miles swatted firmly at his upturned backside.

"There's more where that came from if you're not going to be a good boy."

"But I'm always good," Dante pouted, studying Miles over his right shoulder before rolling over onto his back.

"Oh, are you now?" Miles asked, reaching out to grab hold of Dante's tie. He tugged on it, pulling the younger man up into a sitting position before leaning down to kiss him. Dante's mouth opened readily under his own, his tongue darting out to probe and lick inside it. Miles' fingers tightened on the tie they still held before working at the knot to pull it free. Dante had pushed the fingers of one hand into Miles' dark hair but he took hold of that hand and drew it down so that both of the blond's hands were held in front of him. Rapidly wrapping the length of blue silk around the slender wrists, Miles then pulled at them, raising them up and over his head, forcing Dante back down onto the bed.

Dante's blue eyes lit up and he willingly allowed himself to be bound and led down. He watched as Miles climbed onto the bed, straddling his slim hips and leaning forward to kiss him once more. He could feel hands at his waist, pulling his shirt from out of his trousers. He moaned softly into Miles' mouth as fingers trailed over the soft skin at his waist.

Miles pulled back, studying the figure beneath him; hands clasped above his head, held together by the blue tie leaving the body open, ready and waiting for him to do with as he desired. He reached out to unfasten the lowest button on Dante's shirt and leant down to probe with his tongue into Dante's belly button making him giggle at first but then sigh with pleasure. Miles unfastened the shirt slowly button by button, pausing to kiss and lick at the bare skin underneath as it was revealed inch by inch.

Dante moaned softly as Miles worked his way slowly up his chest. When he reached the collar, Miles licked over the pulse point in the hollow at the base of Dante's throat before sucking gently on it. The younger man groaned deep in his throat, tilting his head back to allow him better access. Miles pushed the opened shirt away so that it fell to lie at Dante's sides and his entire chest was revealed for him to lick and suck and caress as he pleased; smooth pale skin with two soft pink nipples and a darkened hollow at his navel. He lay a trail of light kisses and nips down to the left nipple which he flicked his tongue over several times making the blond groan with pleasure. Miles took the nipple into his mouth to suck and lick at it, feeling it grow hard under his lips. Dante arched his back, torn between letting Miles continue to tease at his nipples and grinding his hips to try and get some much needed friction on his similarly hard cock. Miles gently teased at the hardened pink bud with his teeth, resulting in a loud gasp and cry from Dante.

Miles lapped at the tender nub with his tongue, soothing and cooling it. Dante writhed underneath him, wanting desperately to tug at the tie that bound his wrists together so that his hands would be free to push his fingers into Miles' hair and get more contact between himself and that wonderful mouth. The restraint only heightened his desire causing him to moan in frustration as Miles turned his attention to the other nipple.

The older man could feel Dante's hard cock rubbing against his own as the blond desperately attempted to grind his hips. Trailing one hand down the smooth chest, he pulled at the belt round the slight waist, not stopping any of the attention he was lavishing on that right nipple. Managing to get the belt undone with one hand, he then began to work at the fastenings of Dante's trousers. As soon as he had them open, he slipped his fingers inside to squeeze at the hard length there simultaneously raising his head to capture Dante's mouth with a deep kiss. Dante gasped at the sudden pressure on his demanding cock and Miles took advantage of this to push his tongue into Dante's open mouth. The young man brought his hands down over Miles' head to hold him there and push his fingers into the shaggy hair at the back. Miles gently pushed those bound hands back over his head before kissing his way down the smooth chest to probe with the tip of his tongue at the hollow of Dante's belly button. Dante watched with eyes now dark through desire, moaning softly at every touch of lips against his heated skin.

Miles slipped his hands inside Dante's smart charcoal grey trousers, indicating that he should raise his hips. The young man obeyed so Miles swiftly tugged them down to his knees before tugging them off along with the shoes and socks that Dante still wore. He tossed them carelessly to the floor but Dante was so hard now that he was past caring about his clothes and more concerned with what Miles' ingenious fingers were doing to his aching cock.

Miles slowly ran his fingers up and down Dante's hard length, stroking it firmly with the fabric of his white boxers. He squeezed along it, alternating between firm and gentle grips and making Dante moan loudly. He looked up to the face of the blond who had his head tipped back with his eyes closed, hands tightly fisted above his head. With a mischievous grin, Miles placed his hands firmly on Dante's hips to hold him down while he ducked his head and took the sensitive head into his mouth, sucking on it and rubbing his tongue across the now sodden fabric. The friction it created had Dante writhing under his hands and whimpering.

Miles hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the white boxers Dante wore, easing them over his erection and softly breathing cool air over the wet head. Dante shivered, opening his eyes to peer down and see what was causing this new sensation. Miles unceremoniously yanked the underwear down and off, throwing them over his shoulder. Without further comment, he lowered his head and ran his tongue slowly up the shaft of the cock before him, swirling it round the head with obvious delight. Dante was left raising his hips and begging for more.

As Dante watched with wide open eyes, Miles closed his lips round the head of his cock and sucked gently. He groaned, feeling that warm wet heat surrounding him but couldn't tear his eyes away from the scene before him. Still sucking gently, Miles took a little more in before sliding back up. Slowly, he moved his mouth up and down Dante's length, taking it a little further each time. Dante was panting hard, wanting more but being unable to move much with Miles hands holding his hips down. Finally Miles had as much of that hard cock in his mouth as he could manage and just held it there, sucking slowly, first hard and then soft, alternating between the two. Reaching down with one hand, he brushed his fingers over Dante's balls, making his hips jerk and causing him to groan softly.

"Oh god, Miles," he breathed, the sound turning into a gasp as he felt a slight tug on his balls. He opened his legs a little giving Miles greater access to fondle and pull at them. It all was making him harder than he'd been for a long while and as much as he wanted release he also didn't want it to end. He tipped his head back and arched his back as Miles slid slowly off his cock and began to suck and lick at his balls instead. Closing his eyes, he focused on the sensations that were washing over him, his sense of touch greatly increased. He could feel Miles hand working at his length while that warm mouth sucked and licked at the base. His balls were being stroked softly by Miles' tongue, now firmly with long broad sweeps all over. An unexpected brush of that tongue on the underneath of his balls had his eyes flying open and his hips grinding up against it.

"Suck me, Miles, I need your mouth," he pleaded, looking down into soft brown eyes. Miles grinned and with a final swipe of his tongue along Dante's balls, swallowed his cock deeply. Dante groaned loudly as Miles began to work on it, getting a rhythm going and sliding rapidly up and down its length. The switching between hard and gentle pressure soon had the young man desperately trying to thrust himself deeper into Miles' mouth. Miles rubbed his tongue along the sensitive underside and Dante gasped out as his balls started to tighten finally. Begging him not to stop, he writhed under Miles' soft touch which trailed over his balls before tugging slightly at them. It was enough to trigger his release and he arched his back as it surged through him, spurting over and over again into Miles' waiting mouth. His hips jerked reflexively as he shuddered, crying out loudly a babble of encouragement. Miles swallowed rapidly, his throat milking every last drop out of Dante's cock until there was no more. He slid off slowly, licking softly along the entire shaft as he went and flicking his tongue finally over the now extremely sensitive head. Dante gave a final gasp and shudder, panting hard and then collapsed back upon the bed.

"Oh my god," he gasped at last.

Miles sat up, licking his lips and grinning. He slid along the bed coming to rest next to the young blond who lay there feeling deliciously worn out. "You enjoyed that?"

"Don't I always?" Dante cuddled up to him and he placed a gentle kiss on Dante's lips. Then he felt a gentle squeezing on his own cock and gave a soft moan. Dante nuzzled into Miles' neck, managing to turn the older man onto his back. "Well, if you want me to do something with that, you'll need to do something with this." He wriggled into a sitting position astride Mile's hips, pressing down slightly on his erection and presented his bound wrists for Miles to undo.

"Actually," Miles said with a wicked grin, "I think I have an idea."

"Oh?" Dante didn't get time to say much further as Miles shifted sideways and he fell forwards onto his hands and knees. He felt a slap on his bare backside followed by a slow caress. A t-shirt landed on the bed next to his head and he glanced over his shoulder to see Miles stripping his clothes off quickly.

"Mmm, yes, just like that I think," Miles murmured. "This is much better than bending you over the coffee table." Dante couldn't help but grin. Sometimes it was worth teasing Miles if it got him what he wanted in the end.

Chapter Six.

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